Background Checks

What background checks are required?

We require four background checks on all staff, employees, and volunteers. For anyone with previous convictions or current criminal charges, please read through our Acknowledgement Form requirements.

1. DHS Central Registry
2. National Sex Offender Registry
3. Michigan Sex Offender Registry
Criminal Background Acknowledgement

What do I do with my results?

Bring the following to your volunteer orientation:
(you will not be allowed to begin your volunteer service without these turned in)

      • Printed results of National Sex Offender Registry
      • Printed results of Michigan Sex Offender Registry
      • Driver’s license, state ID, or passport (unless you plan to run the DHS Central Registry check for yourself)

What you MUST bring to your first volunteer shift, in order to work with clients: (You will be asked to leave and will receive no credit for your shift if you come to your first shift with clients and do not have it. Missing a shift for this reason is considered an unexcused absence, and you will not be able to make it up.)

      • DHS Central Registry Clearance Letter stating ”There is no record of _____ as being identified as a perpetrator.”

Returning volunteers:
If you have attended a full-length volunteer orientation in the past, you do not need to attend another orientation. However, we do need you to submit all new background checks at or before your first volunteer shift of each academic year.

Thank you for helping us help our clients!