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Summer is a bustling time at the RDC with GLOBE campers like Bassam – a small, yet determined, twelve-year-old boy from Iraq. Bassam is one of 79 students from 17 countries who participated in GLOBE summer camp that culminated in our first-ever science fair with students proudly sharing their learning about black holes, Punnett squares (genetics), cell development, and more!  At the science fair, Bassam introduced himself, shook my hand, and, with shoulders back and head high, he presented detailed information about black holes and his dream of being a scientist.

Your financial contribution can play a major role in helping support Bassam’s dream.  He, and many others like him, will continue to be supported in our after school programs this fall. Right now, your new or increased contribution of $1000, $500, $100, $50, or whatever is meaningful to you, will be matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000 by a generous donor! Contribute today.

Meet Abdou. Arriving two years ago from the Central African Republic with zero English and profound shyness, he immediately latched on to critical RDC programs and quickly blossomed. Abdou was a natural fit for Young Leaders—a small pilot program for high school seniors designed to develop leadership skills through intensive workshops and practical experience as junior interns in GLOBE camp.  Abdou mentored, supported and encouraged the young campers. He became a true leader!  Other campers began to follow him around, emulating his behavior—determined, one day, to also be a Young Leader.

Your donation will help us continue to support Abdou and other Young Leaders as they complete their senior year of high school and navigate the college application process. With your support, the Young Leaders program will become a permanent RDC program!

Speaking of leaders, Osman stepped up to the challenge this summer. Short in stature but strong in personality, Osman arrived in Lansing from Kenya at age 10 and attended our very first summer camp. This summer, after high school graduation, he joined the RDC team as camp counselor. Osman is the epitome of RDC program success. He says, “Without the RDC support in the beginning, life would have been different.” He continued with a huge smile on his face, “RDC is the best thing that happened to me.” Osman will attend college this fall with a full scholarship.

Please help us continue to support leaders like Osman. Your contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of children.

Your contribution will help us reach our $25,000 match campaign goal, and will enable us to:

  • Expand the Young Leaders program
  • Support GLOBE summer camp
  • Continue critical afterschool programming
  • Provide home visits for newcomer families
  • Provide a newcomer soccer team with tutoring and leadership workshops
  • Continue English as a Second Language classes for adults
  • Continue a women’s sewing circle

Act today and DOUBLE the impact of your gift.  We offer our thanks in advance – we truly can’t do this without you!

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Erika Brown-Binion


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