Women’s Sewing Circle

In every region of the world, women circle together in support of one another. They teach each other valuable life lessons, they hold hands through life’s difficulties, and they toil together in pursuit of a more secure, hopeful life.

Offered in partnership with St Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC), Sewing Circle is a place where newly arrived women gather each week. As they hone their craft and make clothing for their children, they also learn important lessons and receive critical interventions that assist them in feeling less isolated.

These women have known struggles and triumphs. As individuals they may come from many different cultures but as a group, they join together to sew, learn, share, and grow. After all, across the globe women know how to circle together and build foundations that support families and societies. It is in this spirit the RDC and STVCC are proud and honored to provide a nurturing place – a sewing circle – to help facilitate every woman’s desire to flourish and contribute.

Watch an interview with one sewing circle participant.

Januka sewing cropped

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