Project Proposals

Project Proposal Process

The Refugee Development Center (RDC) recognizes the value of mutually beneficial educational pursuits that forward scholarship as well as expand opportunities for refugees. In this vein, each semester the RDC agrees to host projects that meet the following criteria: 

  1. The project respects the culture and experiences of the refugees it involves
  2. The project offers a defined benefit to the refugee population it invites to participate
  3. The project is financed by the party initiating the activity unless otherwise agreed to

Students and community members interested in pursuing a project with the RDC are asked to contact the center in writing. A proposal must:

  • Define goal of the proposed project (particularly relative to the above three criteria)
  • Include a detailed step-by-step process necessary to reach said goal (with an associated timeline)
  • Identify the key people who will be participating in the project and their roles/responsibilities
  • Outline the expected outcomes of the project
  • Outline the budgetary items necessary to complete the project
  • Explain how this project will be shared with RDC staff upon completion and how it may be used in outside the RDC

If the director and staff of the RDC agree the center has the capacity and ability to host a project, the project supervisor will be asked to come to the RDC for an interview. From there the RDC, in consultation with the project supervisor, will come to an agreed upon timeline. If the supervisor is an MSU student, he/she will also be required to register with MSU’s Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement (for more information please see: )

The RDC thanks the many volunteers who have brought valuable projects to refugees and we hope that you too can become a part of the rich relationship we have with the Greater Lansing community.

We look forward to hearing from you.

For a printable version of this page, please see: RDC Project Proposal


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