Newcomers Soccer

DribblingTwenty-three years after his own arrival to our city, in 2001 Lansing Soccer Club’s (LSC’s) founder and president dreamed of bringing the game of soccer to the most under-represented children in our community so they could find a place to belong, have fun, and develop skills that would serve them on and off the soccer field.

Unknown to each other at the time, a year later the Refugee Development Center was created to provide educational and cultural pathways for families to become self-sufficient and thus escape the war-torn countries and oppression they had known before coming to the US.

From there, fast-forward ten years and add one more dream to the mix: the dream of a handful boys to play soccer for a team. A real team with uniforms, games, shiny new soccer balls, and a tapestry of coaches and adults in full support of their endeavor!

These three dreams converged in 2012 to form the LSC Newcomers – a middle-school boys’ soccer team for refugee youth in Lansing. It was the beginning of a tale that would bring surprises, opportunity, and life-lessons that only a venture with this history, this mix of children, and this team of dedicated adults could deliver.Newcomers Tutoring
The LSC Newcomer Program, in partnership with the Refugee Development Center, provides team members with regular opportunities for:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Cultural Adjustment Support
  • Soccer Training

The formation of the team was inspired by the Fugees team of national bestseller Outcasts United, and exists because of the generous support of local donors, community partners, and an interdisciplinary team of staff offering specialized support, instruction, and training. We thank the Greater Lansing Community!

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